What's this all about?

Flourish! Open Source Conference is not just a conference with talks and workshops. We also host a mini-expo for various companies and organizations to represent themselves to the audience throughout the conference. Organizations ranging from your favorite non-profit to the latest, most hip, but not very well known startup non-profit come to our mini-expo to show you what they've got. We also have Chicagoland companies come to represent their products and contributions to the open source community. So in between talks, after the day is over, or if you come in early, drop by the mini-expo and find out what Chicago really has to offer!

How do I sign up for the Mini-Expo?

The goal of Flourish Conference is to enhance your experience of the Chicagoland open source community and to show off what Chicago really has to offer. Due to this, all non-profit organizations and user groups can register at no cost. For profit organizations are provided a table for a small optional donation, please see our Sponsorship Information page for more information. Please confirm your sponsorship or non-profit/user group registration by March 19th. To sign up for the mini expo, simply send an email to Any questions may also be sent to this email.