Project Alpha

Project Alpha Information

What is it? A coding challenge to build an AI to compete against other peoples’ AI. Project Alpha is a 24 hour code challenge in partnership with Flourish! UIC.

Why do it? It’s a fun AI challenge that is applicable to many real world usages. The Rules will be posted during the Opening Ceremony as long as a short description of what it is!

If you miss the opening ceremony, you can find the information on this website at the bottom. Here are the basics:
The challenge is 24 hours long of coding (rooms will be open to walk in and walk out of). Food will be provided (based on reservations the week before the Event).


Are we accepting resumes? Yes, we will be accepting resumes and they will be going towards the companies that sponsored Flourish!

How big are the teams? Teams will consist of 1-4 people.

What will I be working with? Your personal laptops and the IDEs, text editors of your choice.

Can I join last minute? Of course. Although, no food is guaranteed unless you RSVP.

Is food provided? We will have food for you at various times of the day. This includes dinner on the 14th, and breakfast and lunch on the 15th. We will have snacks during other times of the day.

Do I need prior AI experience? No, there will be a short seminar explaining how the given AI works.

How do prizes work? We will be having a round robin tournament to determing the top 10, and then top 3 from a 1 round elimination.

Will I be able to work off site? Yes, we will post the code on GitHub.

Are we required to use a specific language? No, although the code we give you is in Java and the client reads in JSON.

Want more info?

Send an e-mail to with pertinent questions.