April 5th 2014

Christopher Webber

Christopher Webber


Christopher Allan Webber is the lead developer of GNU MediaGoblin. He is also a python programmer and FLOSS advocate. His past and present work have included working at Creative Commons, the Participatory Culture Foundation, running Liberated Pixel Cup, doing animations for the film Patent Absurdity, as well as a mess of other things. By being a man of means he finds the time to create wonders using GIMP and Blender. We hope Chris is not a Packers fan as he lives in Madison Wisconsin. 

Presentation Details

The road ahead for network freedom

What is network freedom?

Join Christopher Allan Webber as he discusses the past, present, and future of free network services.

Can there be real network freedom when networks like KickStarter and Target are hacked? Is there freedom even when internet providers fight to filter content based on popularity? 

Well Christopher dares to ask the question. This is a discussion you do not want to miss!

Issues of network freedom have gained much attention over the last six years, and increasingly so both within and outside of the software freedom communities. Progress has been made, but present adoption shows we seem to have a ways to go.

What opportunities and challenges face free network services? Ranging from licensing decisions, technical choices, protocols, deployment configuration, and how we message ourselves, many components inform the past, present and future of this field. Join Christopher Allan Webber of GNU MediaGoblin in talking about what can be done so that network freedom can be something that everyone can feasibly enjoy.

Presentation Time: Saturday, 04/05/2014, at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Presentation Location: Illinois A